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    Cover your Tracks with Muckers Boot Covers
    Our Boot Covers offer you water and slip resistant uppers and soles, slip-on convenience, durability and are environmentally friendly. Muckers Boot Covers are not meant to be disposable, instead they are MADE TO LAST!

  • Who Uses Muckers?

    Communication Specialists, House Cleaners, Proffessional Carpet Cleaners, Industrial Safety Distribution or whatever business you are in, Muckers Boot Covers will provide you with the professional edge over the competition while saving you money.


We are extremely pleased and proud of the product we have on the market. Muckers Boot Covers has been in operation since 1999 and has grown into a successful business. We have accomplished this due to our valued Repeat and New customers. We appreciate your business and thank you for your comments.
  • John Giddens, Owner

    Giddens Services Ltd.
    As a service company we are entering customer’s homes daily to provide service on their major appliances and home electronics. With the expensive flooring that is used in today’s homes the last thing we need to be concerned of is damage to either hardwood, tile or carpet flooring. That is where Mucker’s Boot Covers comes into play. With the easy slip on cover, we do not have to worry about flooring while we protect ourselves from possible injury by leaving our footwear on at all times. Our customers are happy and impressed, and our techs are more comfortable knowing that the washer they may be working on does not injure their foot should it move while being worked on.

  • Kevin Sexsmith

    Canadian Utility Construction
    “Thank you for a great product! With Muckers Boot covers I think our company has found the balance between our crew’s safety and leaving an unforgettable and ultimate impression of professional and excellent customer service. They slip on and off very easily and are tough and durable. Having our technicians enter homes on a daily basis with the Muckers boot covers means they don’t need to worry about dirt tracking through homes. I highly recommend Muckers to anyone in the construction/trades business”.
  • Steve Smith

    Foster Air Conditioning Ltd
    Foster’s has used Muckers boot covers for over 8 years. The covers are durable and reusable, thereby keeping our costs down. Our customers like them so much, many times we leave them behind for them to use. The staff at Muckers are always helpful and we get our orders within days. We highly recommend Muckers to our friends and competition.

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