How Muckers Can Help You

Carpet and Flooring Installers & Carpet Cleaners – Muckers Boot Covers easily slip over any size shoe or boot to provide protection of floors and carpets against soiling and damage caused by rough dirty footwear. Carpet installers remind us that sweat from socks and oils from bare feet are worse for your carpets than dirty shoes.

Home Owners

Keep a pair next to your door for family, friends, and service providers. Often, contractors are not allowed to remove their workboots indoors, so hand them a pair of Muckers Boot Covers. No injuries and no inside mess from dirty footwear.

Business Owners

Distinguish your company from the competition by showing your due diligence for your customers’ property. Muckers Boot Covers are a cost effective way to prevent damage to all types of flooring; assisting in maintaining your relationship with the customer. They’ll save your company time and money!


No more worries about the paint from your workboots getting onto customers floors and carpets. Don’t throw them out just yet either – remember you can use them again…for your next job.

Furniture & Appliance Stores

Companies won’t need to lay carpet runners before delivering product into customer homes. Just bring in the delivery, slip on a pair of Muckers Boot Covers and now you are ready to get the job done. Slip off the Muckers and you’re ready to go again without taking the time to roll up dirty carpet runners anymore.

Automotive Dealership Service Departments

Minimize the cost of expensive cardboard floor covers by having your staff wear Muckers on entering client vehicles. Whether it be test driving, parking after a wash and clean, or just moving your own inventory around, Muckers Boot Covers are quick and effective in keeping vehicles clean and free from outside water and dirt.

Health Care

Using Muckers Boot/Shoe Covers allows you to leave your shoes on to avoid injury or deposits of outside dirt and water. The ease of wearing our water resistant and slip resistant boot covers allow you to meet your clients’ needs more freely. Muckers also contribute to quick and convenient home delivery and setup of your products.


Why not keep a pair or 2 in your tool belt? Quick to slip on/off and reusable durability make Muckers a valuable part of your equipment needs.

Trades Workers

Whether you are in plumbing, heating and air conditioning, or renovations, you will find the light weight, durable and easy use of Muckers Boot Covers to be convenient for you as well as a very positive unspoken statement of respect to your customers.
  • John Giddens, Owner

    Giddens Services Ltd.
    As a service company we are entering customer’s homes daily to provide service on their major appliances and home electronics. With the expensive flooring that is used in today’s homes the last thing we need to be concerned of is damage to either hardwood, tile or carpet flooring. That is where Mucker’s Boot Covers comes into play. With the easy slip on cover, we do not have to worry about flooring while we protect ourselves from possible injury by leaving our footwear on at all times. Our customers are happy and impressed, and our techs are more comfortable knowing that the washer they may be working on does not injure their foot should it move while being worked on.
    We have been using Mucker’s Boot covers for several years now and are very satisfied with the product that Darlene offers. We have had many compliments from our customers and have passed on Darlene’s name to several people who have inquired as to where we get those “neat shoe covers”.
    Thanks Darlene, and we look forward to many years of footwear protection.
    Giddens Services Ltd. 
  • Aaron Switzer

    I love your product! I was given a used pair by a tech about a year ago. They’re beginning to wear out, so I tracked
    down the source….you. I’ll tell all of my fellow tradesmen who are jealous, where to get them.
    I can’t describe how great it is to have such durable, light-weight and professional looking shoe/boot covers. They go on and off in seconds, and protect my customer’s flooring better than anything else on the market.
    Thank you for the ultimate solution for tradesmen, who want to protect flooring while keeping their footwear on.
  • Kevin Sexsmith

    Canadian Utility Construction
    “Thank you for a great product! With Muckers Boot covers I think our company has found the balance between our crew’s safety and leaving an unforgettable and ultimate impression of professional and excellent customer service. They slip on and off very easily and are tough and durable. Having our technicians enter homes on a daily basis with the Muckers boot covers means they don’t need to worry about dirt tracking through homes. I highly recommend Muckers to anyone in the construction/trades business”.
  • Steve Smith

    Foster Air Conditioning Ltd
    Foster’s has used Muckers boot covers for over 8 years. The covers are durable and reusable, thereby keeping our costs down. Our customers like them so much, many times we leave them behind for them to use. The staff at Muckers are always helpful and we get our orders within days. We highly recommend Muckers to our friends and competition.
  • Dear Darlene
    Thank you for the follow up phone call to see if we need to re order more Muckers boot covers.
    I am sorry that I don’t need to place a new order as of yet.
    It appears that they are out lasting my expectations, they are lasting much longer than I thought they would.
    My installers don’t mind them and the customers sure do appreciate us wearing them.
    Thanks I will be sure to call you for replacements when they wear through.
  • Hello Darlene,
    Of course you can post the letter on your Facebook page and website. In fact, that was how I rediscovered you. I couldn’t remember how to contact the fellow who gave me my first pair of Muckers, so I went online to search generally for reusable shoe covers. Your covers came up in a photo gallery. I recognized them and then made contact. So far as I could see online, not on Facebook, your covers were the most thoroughly thought out design in terms of practicality and value. Wearing them in client’s homes enhances my professional appearance and makes me feel more secure, which allows me to better concentrate on my work.
    I would hope that there is a demand for quality merchandise such as yours. I’m very glad that you’re making them. Thanks again.
  • Brett McDonald

    Island Precision Manufacturing Ltd.
    Hi Darlene,

    Thanks for staying in touch.

    You have a great, unique product.
Muckers Boot Covers will give you and your company the 
EXTRA EDGE in providing exceptional customer service in a way that other companies may not.

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